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GeogChatLive: How I Teach: Changing Economic World

Catherine Owen shares strategies for teaching Changing Economic World Unit at GCSE

On Wednesday 21st April, Catherine Owen presented how she teaches the GCSE Unit Changing Economic World at GeogChatLive. This webinar includes strategies on how to approach this unit from a decolonising perspective and crucial questions to consider in curriculum planning. The webinar has been recorded and Catherine has kindly given permission to share her talk here:


Think carefully about which case study to choose

Some questions to consider from the FutureLearn 'Decolonising Education' course by the University of Bristol.

Some issues to consider in teaching Changing Economic World

  • HICs & LICs - where do these terms come from? What are the implications of this?
  • Issues of reductive comparisons - reductive comparisons - 'West and Rest'
  • Is development linear?
  • Uneven development - is colonialism erased?
  • Negative stereotypes - look at textbook images - what do they show?

Build firm foundations at KS3

Read around the subject to develop your knowledge